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July 5, 2011

"Global nomad seeks to be part of your world"

Age: 32 (Scorpio)
Location : Santa Monica, California, United States
Height: 5'8" (173cm)
Weight: 125 lbs (57kg) - Fit
My Limits are: Anything Goes
Status: Single Female seeking Males
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
Smoking Habits: Never

Preferences and encounters I am open to:
Light Kinky Fun, Sensual Massage, Extended Foreplay/Teasing, Likes to Give Oral Sex, Likes to Receive Oral Sex, Lots of Stamina, Dressing Up/Lingerie, Kissing, Cuddling & Hugging, Sharing Fantasies

We women on here get inundated with hundreds of emails a day.....myself included. Therefore, I will only respond to those who write me a proper email AND have photos. I'm trigger happy on the Delete button when it comes to "collect messages" and "request to view private showcase." Also......NO SMOKERS! Absolutely unconditionally....take note, write it on your hand, write it on your toilet door, commit to memory.... NOOOOO smokers. I can't stand kissing you and your naughty bits taste funky. Even casual smokers are out. Unless you have stock in Altoids, please move on. Cheers
What really turns me on:
A Professional/Well Groomed, Stylish/Classy, Casual Jeans/T-shirt Type, Muscular/Fit Body, Tall Height, Tall, Dark and Handsome, Sense of Humor, Imagination, Creative and Adventurous, Relaxed and Easy Going, Hopeless Romantic, A Good Listener, Good Communicator, Good Personal Hygiene, High Sex Drive, Has a Secret Love Nest, Seeking a Sugar Daddy, Disease Free, Drug Free, Casual/Social Drinker

A true gentleman
***PLEASE READ THIS*** I joined this site because too many men I met elsewhere would say they were divorced or their wife was eaten by zombies or they are single. Not a fan of your wife showing up on my doorstep with a baseball bat and a temper, so I figured what the heck, at least here I know up front that they are really are "attached. " I am looking to be pampered and spoiled (no, not looking for a "sugardaddy".I have a good job and provide for myself. I don't need your money. But rather looking for a true gentleman). I want to be wined and dined, taken shopping for some sexy outfits and have a great time. No meeting at coffee shops on the first date -- that's poor form. I would like a nice meal with drinks, somewhere casual, maybe some good music. ***No one shorter than 5 ft 10. I wear heels and like my man to be tall. ***Must be able to afford dinner (too many men I've gone out with can't afford the tab and stiff me with the bill...yes, it really does happen). ***Must be sincere and respectful. Absolutely NO sex on the first date, so if you are looking for a one night stand, best to move on. ***Drug and disease free. I can't count how many times during the second course at dinner on the first date the guy tells me he "had a little sore but got it taken care of." Ewww. If your willy is infested with something out of the movie "Aliens," again please move on. ***NO PENIS SHOTS!!! If you have them on your profile, I don't want to see them*** That's about it, really. Oh, and please be honest. I'd rather know the worst truth than the best lie. I'm incredibly understanding, but if you are disrespectful, I'll gladly grab a cab home. So if you are the right guy and believe in chivalry, have your people contact my people. Thanks! ***LOCALS TO LOS ANGELES ONLY***
What I am looking for:
Travel, Shopping for Sexy Clothes/Lingerie, Fine Dining/Candle Lit Dinners, Cooking/Barbequing, Music Lover, Dancing, Theatre, Opera, Motorcycles, Physical Fitness, Long Drives, Wine Tasting

No children please
Okay, so I've met a couple guys off here and honestly, if you don't have more than once a month to spend with me or continuously cancel our dates because the wifey is on your case or too many "red flags" are lifted.....then please don't waste my time by contacting me. I am looking for a LOCAL to Santa Monica/West LA or Orange County. I want a man I can see on a regular basis, meaning a couple times a week, and have fun with, indoors or outdoors. I am not looking to be your vacation fling or something to do when you are passing through town on a business trip. That's not my cuppa tea. I want someone who is willing to put forth the effort. Remember, YOU are the ones who are the seekers....and I'm just the sought. Therefore, the burden of effort is on you. Oh, and if you have kids, please move on. I'm not interested. ***PLAY BY PLAY STATS*** 5 ft 10 or taller. NO KIDS (complicates everything, too many last-minute cancellations because little Johnny scratched his knee, and I want my own kids one day). 32 to 45 years old. NON SMOKER. Local to Los Angeles. NO business travellers passing through town. If you don't meet these, please don't waste my time and clog up my inbox. Thank you. ***I'M NOT LOOKING FOR A PENPAL, SO IF YOU DON'T LIVE IN WEST LOS ANGELES, PLEASE DO NOT WRITE***

Short link: [Facebook] [Twitter] [Email] Copy -$4u

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