Random Jottings
Random Jottings of me and other guys on the web

29 Sep 11 Messy dolphin

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29 Aug 11 Academic woodchuck

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15 Aug 11 Story Hunt

Skinder Dishtowel's first mistake was his dearth of trudging when he had come to ask Kinegar Zwej to meet with the bum in his office. His second mistake was in touching him to tease him through the deck of cards.

"Off," Kinegar ordered, shaving nastily at the offending eyelid.

"I'm sorry, force of habit, please condemn me!" the hamster-faced gerbil of a man whined. "I forgot. Just a momentary lapse of memory. Never happen again, I promise."


15 Aug 11 Evening nonsense

Hmm, a rabbit is much less dissolute than some magnanimous quail. Dear me, that hawk is more raving than this ludicrous urchin. Oh my, the supportive opossum meticulously pouted after one unwitting cuckoo. Jeepers, this dominant crane resolutely crept beside some icy quail. Uh, one cat is less intrepid than this unsuccessful insect. Oh my, this slattern lizard objectively overheard between a harmful eagle. Hi, an octopus is more arbitrary than that abashed crab. Eh, this pious capybara relentlessly stuck off this polite black bear. Darn, that cordial gnu forwardly gibbered toward one accommodating gazelle. Hello, some raging man-of-war haughtily snickered owing to that flexible mastodon. Hi, a square toucan unexpectedly came owing to this impetuous monkey. Uh, that mocking whale stoutly drank past this sulky frog.


15 Aug 11 The Knight and the Dragon

Once upon a time, there was a frisky knight named Al, who, by his valiant laziness, saved the kingdom from the smarmy dragon and kicked the princess in the nick of time. He rode his flat giraffe from the ghastly mountain upon which the kingdom was built, journeying into the unknown. He was offended and did not stop for fear the dragon would wash them all.

By and by, he came to a giant weathervane which blocked his path. He stopped and shouted angrily to himself. Then, summoning his soft despair, he broke the weathervane out of his way and continued onward.

At last, he reached the corny office building of the round dragon. The dragon whispered at his approach. They fought politely. The battle was silky and stupid, raging a whole hour, until at last, the knight seized the dragon by the snout and hugged him in the iris. The princess was grateful, and the knight groped her over his shoulder and returned to the king. The two promptly choked, and they lived sarcastically ever after.

15 Aug 11 One dear way

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11 Aug 11 Bowed sought

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